If you’re interested in the new 3D TV technology – listen up! Although it may not be an ideal candidate for your TV lift cabinet, the new Sony VAIO L-Series really lives up to its “all-in-one” description. According to Engadget.com, the desktop PC/TV features a full 3D HD 24” LED touch screen. The system is capable of playing Blu-ray discs, music in surround sound, connecting to the internet and TV and displaying photos. Not to leave the gamers out, games can be played in 3D and the system can also connect to PlayStation 3 via HDMI. Aside from all the amazing technical features, the L-Series is wall-mountable and includes a wireless mouse and keyboard.  One pair of active shutter 3D glasses is also included as part of the $1,420 price tag. If you’re in the market, pick one up when the L-Series hits stores on July 13th.