Mitsubishi, a small-scale player in the TV manufacturing world, is ready to unveil their 92-inch TV to consumers. Yes, you read that right – 92 inches. First introduced in January, this gigantic set uses rear-projection technology and is capable of displaying 3D content. Such a huge TV is a deviation from what the leading manufacturers are introducing to the market. Not only that, but rear projection?

Rear projection TVs aren’t exactly commonplace these days. Not only do 92 inches make this TV way too big for a TV lift cabinet, the 15 inch depth is in stark contrast to 1-inch deep flat panels. Large TVs are popular but once the size increases past 65 inches, there is a steep drop off in sales. Although these super-large TVs may not be the most popular with consumers, they are profitable for the manufacturer and cater to consumers with a need for a huge screen - think media rooms and the like.

Another bonus with rear projection TVs is the cost. The television is much larger than its LCD counterparts (LCD screens only go up to 72 inches) and they are also significantly cheaper.  Mitsubishi’s 92 inch TV will retail for $5,999. In comparison, Panasonic’s 85 inch plasma will cost you a whopping $22,000.

Are rear projection screens a thing of the past? If you’re in the market for a super sized screen, would you consider the less expensive but thick Mitsubishi model?