Internet streaming service, Hulu, is on track to reach 1 million Hulu Plus subscribers by the end of the summer.  The company initially predicted that this milestone would be achieved by year’s end – putting it months ahead of schedule.

Hulu offers free streaming TV shows while Hulu Plus offers a wider array of content for $7.99 per month. Hulu Plus is not only available online but many gaming consoles such as Xbox and DVR boxes are capable of streaming Hulu Plus content to your TV lift cabinet. Although the unexpected upturn in subscribers is encouraging, obstacles still remain. Cable and satellites providers are hesitant to pay excessive sums for programming that can be obtained for free online, thus putting intense pressure on Hulu executives.

Working with a similar model is Netflix, Hulu’s largest competitor. In comparison, Netflix has over 20 million paying subscribers and recently announced plans to extend their service to Central America and the Caribbean.