Are you looking for a contemporary clean lined TV lift cabinet for your home?  If so, we would like to recommend our Prism, Moderna, and Soho TV lift cabinets.

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The Prism and Moderna TV lift cabinets can be used at the foot of the bed or against the wall.  These cabinets are finished on all four sides, come with pull out bottom drawers, and have our built in infrared relay system and uplift 3250 lift mechansims.  With the infrared relay (IR) system, customers can operate their AV components without having to have direct line of sight.  That’s correct.  Your cable box, DVD player, and other electronics can remain behind closed drawers at all times!  The Prism is available in espresso, white, and black finish.  The Moderna is available is espresso, caramel, black, and white finish.

The Soho TV Lift Cabinet comes with a built in electric fireplace. The firebox and TV are separated by a full wall. This wall allows your TV to remain cool and completely unaffected by the firebox. This beautiful cabinet features the heavy duty built in Uplift 3700 lift mechanism with IR system.  There is plenty of storage with two side cabinet doors opening up to reveal shelves for media equipment and three cabinet drawers for your AV components. The Soho Electric Fireplace is available in caramel and espresso finish.

These lovely cabinets are sure to complement any modern home.