Joining in on the online movie streaming craze is Walmart, who a little over a year ago bought video-streaming service  From, customers can buy or rent movies through the Vudu service. Walmart is not offering subscriptions, making it more comparable to iTunes than subscription services like Netflix.

Vudu offers 20,000 titles which can be viewed on PCs and streamed through devices like PlayStation 3. So, what does this mean for TV lift cabinet owners? If your TV has internet access through a gaming device or set top box, you can stream videos to your TV lift cabinet through Walmart’s new service.

In light of Netflix’s PR nightmare and subsequent loss of customers, Walmart has thrown its name into the hat as a potential alternative. Walmart already brings in huge sales numbers for in-store movie sales as one of the nation’s top retailers. It leaves one wondering how the streaming service will affect those numbers. More and more consumers are picking convenience and the ability to instantly stream content over going to the store and purchasing or renting a physical copy. Do you prefer the Vudu/iTunes method of renting or buying or the subscription method offered by Netflix and Hulu Plus?