With the recent uproar surrounding the Netflix price hike, alternative streaming sources have made headway in the marketplace. One of the services that appears to be gaining momentum is Amazon.  A common concern among Netflix customers looking to jump ship is a lack of content with the alternatives.  Amazon’s announcement that they have reached 100,000 movies and TV shows to rent or buy could be just the boost they are looking for. With a large rent or buy library, there is still a question of whether Amazon will ever catch up to the number of available streaming movies and TV shows currently offered by Netflix. Regardless, the news of their expanding library could not have come at a better time. In addition to the rent or buy service, Amazon now offers 9,000 movies and TV shows for unlimited streaming for your PC, tablet or TV lift cabinet. The amount of content may be significantly less than Netflix, however the cost of Amazon’s service at $79 per year comes in lower than Netflix’s $7.99/month.  If Amazon is able to continue expanding their library to include more and newer content, the consequences of the Netflix price increase could be more severe than anticipated.