As much as we don’t want summer to end, there are some signs that just can’t be ignored - the cooler temperatures, the first day of school and the start of football season. Only a few short weeks and the NFL season will kick off on September 8th.  Fans of all ages each have their own way to celebrate the wins and lament the losses with their favorite team. Game day traditions can be fun and laidback or serious and intense. Every football fan seems to have their individual preference of how to watch the game. Some fans are lucky enough to get tickets to see the players live. Maybe you prefer to head to your local sports bar or restaurant to watch the game and cheer on your team. With several games being broadcast on huge TV screens, die-hard fans won’t miss a beat! Then, there are those of us that would prefer to stay home with family and friends, gather around the TV lift cabinet and catch the action from our living room. How are you gearing up for football season? What are your special game day traditions?