Are you a Netflix subscriber? Whether you plan on staying on board or cancelling in light of their price increase, today’s the day to make your move. As of tomorrow, September 1st, Netflix’s monthly subscription rates are going up.

As it stands, subscribers can rent DVDs and have access to unlimited streaming on their TV lift cabinet for $9.99/month. After the price increase, the DVD rental and unlimited streaming will be split into two separate plans, each priced at $7.99/month. If you currently subscribe to their $9.99 plan, come tomorrow your monthly rate will increase to $15.98/month for both services. The price increase is Netflix’s way to shift the focus to unlimited streaming and away from DVD rentals by mail.

Current subscribers to the $9.99 monthly plan have several options. First, if you find yourself watching more DVDs than you are streaming content or vice versa, simply switch to either a DVD only plan or a streaming only plan. This way you save money and you can stick with the format that is most convenient for you. If you would rather keep your unlimited streaming and DVD rentals, you have no choice but to accept the price increase. Simply take no action and Netflix will automatically adjust your subscription to the new rates. Lastly, however unfortunate for Netflix, a popular option is to cancel with Netflix and explore alternative services. Whichever option you choose, the change goes in to effect tomorrow so be sure to act fast!