We now invite you into the home of Stephanie from Camas, Washington!  Stephanie has the beautiful Seasons TV Lift Cabinet.  This cabinet features interchangeable wood and speaker cloth panels.  As you can see from this photo, Stephanie customized her Seasons TV Lift Cabinet by switching out the wood panel center door to speaker cloth.  The Seasons also has plenty of storage with vented adjustable shelves and a built in infrared relay system.  The Infrared Relay System enables users to operate their AV components without having direct line of sight.  The AV components can be stored away behind closed doors at all times!

“We are very pleased with our lift.  It holds not only our TV but also easily contains all of the components (amp, tuner, blu-ray player, cable box).  It also stores our laptop, printer, modem and router.  The center contains the sub and center speaker...all hidden from view.  All the wires are neatly tucked away.  Besides having a nice looking piece of furniture, people don't notice our big TV when it's not in use.  The TV is NOT the focal point of the room.  Many times people have asked us if we got rid of our TV.  One said he swore we were watching something a week ago.  When we revealed the mystery, he was impressed and asked for info.” - Stephanie