IcueTV has partnered with Groupon, the retail discount provider, to bring interactive television to TV lift cabinet owners.  Consumers will be able to select Groupon advertisements they like on their TV, enter their phone number, and receive the Groupon deal offer from the TV to their phone via text message.

How does this work?  icueTV provides the technology to support this feature within a set-top cable TV box.  This technology would already come in your new cable box and no additional equipment would be needed.  The technology embedded inside the cable box, allows Groupon advertisements to be displayed on the consumer’s TV.  If the consumer likes a particular Groupon advertisement, the consumer can use their remote to select the “click to text” option and be sent the Groupon discount via text message.  No longer will consumers need to dig thru the newspaper to cut out coupons.  Now they will be able to go paperless.