Pansonic, Samsung, Sony, and XpanD came together to agree upon, making universal 3D glasses that will be compatible with all their 3D TV models.  This is great news for TV Lift Cabinet Owners who have 3D TVs.

Currently, 3D TV owners are faced with a great hurdle.  If they want friends and family to come over to watch a movie or game, they must provide them with glasses.  What 3D TV owner is going to buy more than four pairs of 3D glasses valued at $100 a piece?  It doesn’t make economical sense.  In addition to that, even if their other friends have their own pair of 3D glasses, those glasses are still going to need to be compatible with their TV model.  Talk about a frustration experience - to have such great visual technology and no easy way to share it with friends and family.

This is why 3D TVs sales have not skyrocketed as quickly as the flat panel TV.  Price and convenience dictate the consumer market.  It was evident that something needed to be done.  XpanD took the initiative and signed a deal with Panasonic to create a standard for infrared systems.  They are also beginning to lower the cost of 3D glasses.  Recently, consumers have been able to purchase Samsung’s 3D glasses for as low as $50.

While most consumers prefer to not have to wear glasses, at least for the time being consumers can get a pair of standard 3D glasses that will work on any 3D TV.  For consumers who refuse to buy a 3D TV because of the glasses, you may not have to wait long to skip the glasses altogether.  Manufacturers are making 3D TVs that require no glasses to enjoy the visual quality.  It may be some time before these glasses-free 3D TVs become mainstream and affordable to the general public but if you are not in a hurry, it may be worthwhile just waiting.