Several explosions on the surface of the sun could lead to moderate to strong solar storms over the next few days. The resulting disruption of Earth’s magnetic field may affect GPS systems and satellites, perhaps leading to interference with your TV lift cabinet. Due to the solar storms, the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis may be seen from as far south as Minnesota or Wisconsin. Typically, the natural light displays are only visible from locations closer to the arctic.

Although the upcoming storm and resulting disturbance is expected to be minor, severe solar storms have previously had serious affects on Earth’s magnetic field. The largest such storm recorded occurred in September 1859. Telegraph operators described electric shocks and paper catching on fire. An aurora was also seen slightly farther south than even Minnesota or Wisconsin – in the Caribbean. It was reported that a solar storm of this magnitude would result in $2 trillion of damage if it were to happen today. Not to worry, of the three flares expected to reach Earth, one has already passed without incident and the next two should have a minimal effect.