It seems that all the tech giants are introducing set top boxes. The purpose of most of these boxes is to allow the viewer to stream online content to their TV lift cabinet. Taking a different approach is DirecTV in their partnership with Miso.  Miso has developed an app for iPhones that allows you to share and follow commentary on Twitter about whatever show is playing on your TV.

Although it is becoming more common to see a Twitter hashtag in the corner of your screen while tuning in to certain shows, movies or channels, you sometimes have to actively search for the commentary when the hashtag or Facebook page are not advertised on the screen. However, the Miso app allows you to check in to whatever it is you’re watching and instantly join in on the commentary provided by social media.

Simply download the app, connect your iPhone to the same network as DirecTV and open Miso. Miso then detects the remote control you’re holding. Press sync and Miso connects to the remote. This allows you to change the channel but stay synced with whatever show is on your screen.