Amazon’s Kindle Fire Tablets are selling better than expected.  With over 20,000 sold per day Amazon is grabbing a nice piece of the Tablet game industry.  Tablets became a big hit when Apple launched the iPad.  However, the iPad tablet comes with a price point at $600 or more.  In this economic recession, many people cannot justify spending that much money on a tablet.

Amazon recognized this problem and saw a perfect opportunity to market a more affordable tablet to this group.  The result is the Kindle Fire, which is currently on sale for only $199.

The Kindle Fire allows users to browse the web using Amazon’s fast silk browser, listen to music, read books and magazines, streamline videos and send and receive emails.

The Kindle Fire has Whispersync technology built in.  With Whispersync, consumers can start a movie on their Kindle Fire, pause it, and then resume watching their show right where they had left off from their TV Lift Cabinet.  The Kindle Fire also has free cloud storage, very durable display to protect from breaking, and fast dual processor so that consumers can be listening to music while surfing the web.

Americans can pre-order their Kindle Fires now with shipments beginning on November 15th.  It is still to be decided when it will be available to customers located outside the United States.