The recently published biography of Steve Jobs, simply titled “Steve Jobs”, has brought to light many facets of the Apple creator’s personal and business life. One such revelation was that Jobs felt he had finally come up with the solution to create Apple’s answer to the standard HDTV.

Apple had been rumored to be developing an integrated TV system for quite some time. Like all Apple products, it was envisioned to be simplistic and user-friendly. In an article for tech site AllThingsD, a comparison was drawn to the Bose VideoWave integrated TV system by Global Equities Research analyst, Trip Chowdhry. So, how would an Apple TV compare with other systems available today? According to Chowdhry, the set would likely have a single cord. The Apple TV would be very thin, a fraction of the comparable Bose system. There would also be a built-in surround sound system negating the use of external speakers.

Keep in mind the whole idea put forth is purely hypothetical based on Apple’s typical designs and interfaces. There is no mention of price point or whether several different sized models would be available – although, it is likely Apple would present a variety of set sizes. It is also not known whether the design would allow for use with TV lift cabinets. However, with the extent that Apple has revolutionized the personal computer, cell phone and MP3 player, it will be interesting to see how Apple’s version of HDTV plays out – if it is, in fact, in development.