We missed last week's Friday Trivia, but it is now back.  Time to play our Friday Trivia.  Winners get 10% off their next TV Lift Cabinet purchase! Question:  Which of the three TV Lift Cabinets below is considered modern contemporary design? 1.)    Crystal Pointe Brown 2.)    Prism Espresso 3.)    Willowcraft Now Listen Up!  Here are the rules.   Rules: 1.)    In order to play, you must send an email to [email protected]  The subject line must read:  Modern Cabinet 2.)    In body of email, you must include the following: TV Lift Cabinet answer, Your Full Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email Address. Only one vote per household will be considered!  Kate will personally respond to each submission notifying you whether or not you are a winner.  If you answer correctly, your name will be added to the winner’s circle.  When you are ready to purchase your TV Lift Cabinet, simply call us at 561-417-0999.  Let us know you are on the winner’s circle to redeem discount.  Every Thursday, we will reveal the answer on our Thursday Reveals.   LET THE GUESSING BEGIN!