And then there were three!  After 10 grueling weeks of competition, the finalists are set to take the stage tonight for the Season 13 Performance Finale. Check out the action on your TV lift cabinet, tonight at 8/7C on ABC. The three finalists are reality TV personality Rob Kardashian, former talk show host and actress Ricki Lake and Army veteran and soap opera star J.R. Martinez. The odds are in so let’s break down the competition! The heavy favorite is J.R. Martinez. He has performed the most consistently and according to online betting site, the odds of Martinez winning the competition are at 1-2. However, Martinez recently twisted his ankle which could prove to be a devastating blow to his ability to compete. Ricki Lake comes in second place based on her odds at 2-1. Like Martinez, she has been a fan favorite since the beginning. It doesn’t hurt that her partner, Derek Hough, has taken home the coveted Mirrorball trophy in three previous seasons. Last but certainly not least is Rob Kardashian. Although an underdog in the beginning, his technique and popularity has surged in recent weeks. has his odds at 4-1 but don’t sell him short just yet. In tonight’s finale, the three contestants will dance in a freestyle competition where they pick their own dance.