Are you one of the millions of Americans who find themselves startled by excessively loud commercials while watching their TV lift cabinet? Well, good news! The FCC is finally cracking down on commercials that are much louder than TV programming. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski made the announcement on Tuesday. The new act, titled The Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act, means that loud commercials will no longer interrupt programming. Commercials will be required to be the same volume as programming and news. After years of complaints, Congress finally got the ball rolling a year ago when it passed legislation regarding intrusively loud commercials. It was then up to the FCC to create and implement rules to keep commercial volume in check. FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps elaborated: "I cannot tell you how many hundreds of citizens have told me — personally, through emails and letters, at public hearings, even across the family dinner table — how obnoxiously intrusive they find loud commercials." Now it is in the hands of cable, satellite and local broadcasters to ensure volume remains consistent.  The new rules go into effect in December 2012.