This past Sunday was a great day for watching football.  The New England Patriots played the Baltimore Ravens, while the New York Giants faced off against the San Francisco 49ers.  Both games were incredibly close but in the end the Patriots and Giants were the victors.  Now Patriots and Giants will play for the Super Bowl Championship on Sunday, February 5th.  Are you ready for your Super Bowl party? It is time to impress your friends this year with your TV Lift Cabinet.  Yes, that’s right. You have the large flat screen TV and the wow factor of the lift machine.  Of course, your house is the ultimate place to throw a Super Bowl party!  Now make sure to sport your team’s jersey, get the snacks and beverages ready and have that remote in hand. And just remember even if your team doesn’t win, you will still have bragging rights with your friends because you have a TV lift cabinet and they don’t.