Hulu, the popular video streaming service, has stepped into the forefront of streaming TV shows and movies to TV lift cabinets, PCs and smartphones. It seems only natural that the next step would be its own original series. The idea has long been discussed among executives and Hulu fans alike. Today, Hulu has officially announced the confirmed debut date of February 14th for the Hulu original series, “Battleground”

“Battleground” is a political comedy that is centered on a primary campaign for a Wisconsin senate seat. Hulu will air 13 episodes of the new series beginning in February. It is the first of three original shows that Hulu plans to air over the coming months. In addition to “Battleground”, Hulu will introduce “A Day in the Life” (a documentary about fame) as well as a travelogue from the director of “Dazed and Confused”, Richard Linklater.

Original programming seems to be the latest venture for online streaming services like Hulu. Demand for inexpensive options to watch TV shows and movies continues to rise as consumers become more discouraged with increasing cable costs.  Hulu is not the only streaming service to jump on the original programming train. Their main competitor, Netflix, recently announced its own plans for an original series entitled “Lilyhammer”. With a 60% increase in revenue last year for Hulu, there is plenty of opportunity to expand original programming if the initial offering is a success with viewers.