Do you wish to buy a lift machine but are not sure whether your TV will fit?  Here is how to determine which lift will work best for your TV.

Step 1: Measure your TV height without stand.  Remember the TV stand is not needed since all our lifts have a platform for the TV to sit on.

Step 2: Go to the lift machine product page and click on the specification tab located under the picture.

Step 3: Once on specification tab, you will see the closed and extended lift dimensions. Take the closed dimension height and subtract that from the extended dimension height.  This will give you the maximum height of the TV that will fit on the lift machine.  For example, on the Uplift 3700 Commercial Grade lift machine, the maximum TV height is 33” (70” minus 37”).

As long as your TV height is less than the maximum TV height dimension, your TV will fit on the lift machine.  If you are planning to upgrade your TV to a larger screen in the future, it is better to go with the next size up so that you have room to grow down the line.