Bigger is better, right?  Sharp Corporation seems to think so.  Sharp introduced today its latest product, the world’s largest LED TV. The 90" LED TV dimensions are 48”H x 96” W x 5” D.  That is four feet tall averaging higher than most children.  Quite impressive!  This TV features a 1080p resolution, is 3-D ready, and has SmartCentral Service for Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Plus apps.  Two pairs of 3-D glasses also come with TV for you and a guest to enjoy 3-D movies.

This TV while impressive does come with a hefty price tag.  The TV is being retailed at $10,999.99.  Yes, it is definitely a luxury product. The TV also is difficult to conceal.  This TV will not fit into a standard TV lift cabinet. If you wish to only see the television when watching shows and then hide once not in use, then this TV may not work for your needs .  Of course, if you can afford to buy one of these TVs, then one would reason that you can also afford to build a extremely large custom cabinet.  So is bigger better?  If you have the money, yes, it most certainly is.