Selecting furniture for your home can be stressful, especially if you are selecting furniture online.  However, here at, we have been successfully selling TV lift consoles online for more than 10 years.  What is the secret to our success?

The secret is making sure our customers feel comfortable shopping with us.  How do we achieve this?  Well, for starters we provide helpful tools to assist our customers with their decision making process.  We can send wood stain samples on any of our TV lift cabinets to our customers.  By having the samples in hand at their homes, our customers can determine if the color will work with their home décor.

We also provide detail dimension drawings on all our TV lift cabinets.  The drawings can be found under the Specification Tab on each product page.  Below is a screenshot demonstrating where to locate drawing on our website.

Having the interior and exterior dimensions on a cabinet can help customers determine whether the cabinet will work in the space they had in mind and whether their electronic equipment will fit in storage space compartments.  If customers are still unsure whether cabinet will work within their home, we recommend using cardboard and building a rough model cutout of the TV lift console dimensions.  While one person holds the cardboard model up, another person can stand back and see if the dimensions will work within space.

Customers can also call us at 877-377-5435 to speak to a live person.  It is always refreshing to have a knowledgeable Customer Service Representative there to assist you with your questions.

Ultimately, we are successful because we take the stress out of shopping for furniture.  We can achieve this by educating our customers on our products and offering them excellent customer service.