While we have quite an impressive selection of small and large TV lift cabinets, every once in a while we have customers that wish for us to build custom.  Below is the latest custom project we worked on.

We had a lovely repeat customer from Maryland who contacted us in need of a foot of the bed TV lift cabinet.  While she liked the design of our smaller Carousel White TV lift cabinet, the width of the cabinet was too short for her vision.  She wanted a foot of the bed TV lift cabinet that’s width extended out to match her king size headboard.  The solution was to create the Carousel king foot of the bed TV lift cabinet.

This cabinet is already in our production pipeline and is scheduled to be released in near future. However, we tweaked the design slightly for this customer and raised the height of the cabinet.  The customer’s mattress was higher off the ground than most.  In order for her to have direct line of sight with electronics we raised the cabinet height so that the front cubby hole designed to store AV components, was higher than her mattress. Below are pictures of the final result.












If you have a specific design in mind or need to meet certain dimension requirements, please call our office at 877-377-5435 for a custom design consultation.