All I’ve been hearing about lately is how fall sports are really kicking into high gear over the next few weeks. College football is back tonight, NFL starts in a couple weeks, and NHL hockey will be close behind. Now that our main TV will be dominated by games every weekend until February, I’m starting to entertain the idea of a mancave (don’t tell my husband…). Mancaves seem to be everywhere these days. TV shows dedicated to them, men raving about them. My whole issue with a mancave was that it would look too out of place in my home. My entire decor has a certain flow and everything seems to fit. Well, where does a mancave fall into place? I don’t want a random room with sports memorabilia and movie posters hanging on the wall. People will think I have a reclusive teenage son that I never talk about. So I got to thinking, is there a way to make a mancave, dare I say, fashionable? All I want would be a few decorative elements that would appease me but would go unnoticed to the average man catching the game in the mancave. Maybe with a little decorative flair, one could overlook the NY Yankees banner that would be sure to adorn an entire wall.
Chic but manly enough for the mancave!
I figure if we were to go with this whole mancave idea, I could leave the ‘accessorizing’ up to my husband and I could pick out the big ticket items (see last week’s blog about my online shopping habit..). Maybe I’m biased but a TV lift cabinet is the perfect happy medium. TV lift cabinets have the wow factor and technology to be accepted into the mancave but also don’t look out of place in a finely decorated home. Plus when it’s not game time, you can lower your TV into the cabinet and not have it be the center of attention. Do you have a mancave in your home? What is the centerpiece of your mancave?