Do you have speakers or a sound bar that you would like to fit within one of our TV lift cabinets?  If so, you may be wondering what cabinets would work best for your audio equipment. We have many large traditional and modern lift consoles that are designed with space specifically for speakers and sound bars. LIFT CABINETS BEST SUITED FOR SOUND BARS Our Banyan Creek XL, Remington, Concord, and Soho TV lift cabinets are best suited to store a long sound bar.  The Concord has a cubby space towards the top of cabinet geared for the sound bar, whereas the other three cabinets have a pull out drawer with interchangeable wood and speaker cloths. The drawer front panel can be changed to speaker cloth for maximum sound quality. LIFT CABINETS BEST SUITED FOR SPEAKERS If you have speakers, we have several more options available for you.  Most of our large cabinets are designed with at least one interchangeable wood panel drawer or cabinet door.  The wood panels can be removed and switched out with speaker cloth panel.  The list of cabinets that are designed with speaker cloth panels are Banyan Creek, Craftsman, Coastal Creation, Estates, Kensington, Nottingham, Restoration, Sycamore, and Willowcraft.