Lately, I have been hearing a ton about Pinterest. What is Pinterest, you ask? I was asking the same question until recently. Pinterest is a self-described virtual pinboard. Users ‘pin’ pictures of things they love and share these pictures with other users. See a picture of cupcakes that look delicious? Click the picture and you’ll be taken to the recipe. Intrigued by the picture of a TV lift cabinet? Simply click the picture and you can find more information and even purchase it! You can find pretty much anything on Pinterest, not just recipes and furniture. It’s great for finding inspiration when decorating, ideas for fall fashion and hilarious internet memes. Are you a fan of DIY projects? Pinterest is FULL of DIY ideas. From home décor to party favors, you’re sure to find something you love. If you’re reading our blog, then you have to check out our Pinterest page. There you’ll find pictures of all our cabinets, including some fun projects that are currently in the works!