With the ubiquity of home electronics in this day and age, most people consider a TV in the bedroom to be a necessity for relaxation after a long day. However, some studies have shown that leaving a TV in your room (especially one with glowing standby lights) is a great way to mess up your circadian rhythms (your sleep patterns). In addition, having a TV in the bedroom can really diminish the amount of space.

Having a well-organized living space or bedroom often means having lots of natural light and minimizing artificial light. Maximizing open space has also been shown to help with mental acuity and stress reduction. So how do you get the best of both worlds? Having a TV in the bedroom is great, but do the benefits outweigh the cost? Many people choose to go with a TV lift or TV cabinet to put away their TV when it is not actively being used. Keeping the lights of an idling TV out of sight from the bed and maximizing the amount of space can really cut down on the downsides of televisions in your bedroom. A foot of the bed TV lift can oftentimes be so low-profile that the amount of space the TV uses is completely negligible.

Foot of Bed TV Lift