TV Lift MountMounting your flat-panel TV on a TV lift or stationary wall mount is a great way to improve the viewing angle for the entire room, as well as keeping your expensive electronics out of the way of kids or pets. Mounting a TV or TV lift is a relatively simple process. In addition to your home, mounting a TV in your office can really add a new layer to employee meetings and breaks.

Typically, a mounting kit will come with two mounting arms and a wide bracket plate. The bracket attaches to the wall and the mounting arms attach to the bracket, securing the TV. Once the TV has been secured to the wall, the chances of an accident or mishap are greatly reduced. We recommend a motorized TV lift to adjust the angle of the screen during use and to keep the television out of the way when not in use. Our lift mechanisms are 100% UL recognized and adhere to all of the corresponding safety standards. Once mounted, the lift will keep the television safe and in a convenient position.