In many cases, a TV lift cabinet is a matter of aesthetic: if a room has a carefully-selected décor and style, a pop-up TV lift is great to maintain this look. Many people see these cabinets as primarily a style piece, but they are also quite functional.

In addition to the fact that automatically hiding and revealing a TV is a great way to maintain an aesthetic, our cabinets are designed to be functional. With wire management and built-in IR relay systems in many of our models, functionality is a primary goal. Additionally, we offer 360-degree swivel lifts that can adjust to be viewed from any angle with a simple remote control. Several cabinets, including the Crystal Pointe 360 TV lift cabinet have been extremely popular with consumers that need to adjust the angle of their television as well as hiding it away when not in use. Because of the success of our initial swivel cabinets, TV Lift Cabinets has begun introducing new cabinets with a full-swivel option in varying styles and configurations. We encourage you to contact us if you have a particular cabinet that you’d like to see with a swivel option.