Sometimes upgrading your living room or den means going all out. For these moments, and especially around the holidays, we recommend a TV lift cabinet with a built­-in fireplace. Both the Huntington Electric Fireplace and Remington Brown (Electric Fireplace) models feature an electric heater built in to the body of the cabinet. In addition to producing heat (and concealing your TV, of course), both of these cabinets have a firebox with a realistic fire that can be activated with the touch of a button.

A lot of customers worry about whether or not the electric firebox is going to overheat their TV or other A/V components. This is, of course, a chief concern in the design of these cabinets. Our designers have come up with a solution that separates the firebox from the rest of the cabinet with a partition wall designed to absorb heat and allow the TV to remain cool and well­ ventilated, even when enclosed in the cabinet. In addition, each cabinet comes with many features to store and utilize other equipment. The Remington Cabinet has two hidden drawers in the base for equipment as well as two concealed doors to shelves for media. There is also a drawer at the top of the unit that can be switched between glass, wood, or fabric to house a variety of different items. The Huntington TV lift cabinet also has hidden doors and an open compartment along the length of the cabinet for a soundbar or other electronics. For more ideas, take a look at a recent Pinterest board with a variety of tv lifts with built-in fireplaces.

With all these options, many customers pick these cabinets to combine the luxury of a TV lift cabinet and an electric fireplace with an old ­fashioned aesthetic that really brightens up any den or living room. As with all of our cabinets, these come with no­ assembly required and free delivery. Order now and get free delivery and $100 off your next purchase with code: BX23ANNH13