360 Degree Swivel Mechanism
There has been an increase over the past few years in the popularity of DIY and home­ designed devices or “hacks,” and home entertainment is often the home of these private innovations. At TVLiftCabinet.com, we try to offer a TV lift cabinet for every possible implementation or use, but sometimes people just want the bare bones of a TV lift to customize into whatever project they have in mind. For this, we sell bare mechanisms, designed for the minimalist or DIY­er in mind.

Our lifts, just like our TV lift cabinets, are designed to rigorous standards and tested for 20+ years of use and are 100% UL recognized (the gold standard in safety), making sure that your TV won't take an unfortunate spill. In addition to being extremely safe and easy to operate, our TV lifts are ultra ­quiet (due to a self ­lubricating gear system) and are set up easily with only two bolts. Typical installation is somewhere around 10 minutes. Built in safety features include surge and thermal overload protection. Also, built in sensors keep track of pressure on the mechanism to prevent pinched fingers. We back all of this up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Over the last decade we have designed and built lift mechanisms for all sorts of different needs, from yachts and motorhomes, to furniture designers that want to include our designs in their products. Architects have even included our lifts in high-end luxury homes.

If you decide that the time or effort commitment necessary to building a cabinet or other design from scratch isn't something you want to tackle, you can always go with one of our standard TV lift cabinets. We even offer custom designs to match any space or visual theme. If you build your own TV Lift, we'd love to see it!