Samsung's new bendable 105" TV
Each year, the Consumer Electronics Expo (CES) exhibits the latest and greatest in the field of consumer technology, not the least of which are often the biggest and best new TVs. Both Samsung and Sony are releasing revolutionary new designs this year in the form of Samsung's 105 inch Curved UHD TV (and its 85 inch smaller model) and Sony's new Bravia UHD TVs.

Both of these new models are revolutionary not because of their size and resolution (both of which are very notable), but because of the advances being made toward creating lifelike graphics on screen. The market for televisions was briefly disrupted over the last few years by the popularization of 3D movies and, subsequently, home 3D TVs. However, this trend was considered a fad and abruptly slowed within a few years. During that period, the advances in HDTVs also slowed, but the trend seems to have reversed this year.

In addition to more lifelike displays, Sony proudly boasts that their new TVs are the fastest to start up and begin viewing 4K (or Ultra Hi­Def) content, and built-in streaming capabilities. Netflix's executive, Reed Hastings, even made an appearance on­stage with Sony as CES to back up Sony's status as the best platform for high definition streaming. We firmly believe that organizing your entire media experience into one easy-­to­-use and compact package is the best way to enjoy your television, movies, and sports. Our cabinets feature built in IR receivers, making sure that you can control all the features of your TV set and media accessories without having to have any exposed wires or components. We even offer custom sizing on our TV lift cabinets, ensuring that you will be able to find one for whichever TV you ultimately end up buying.