The new Seagate TV Lift starting at only $1999
The New Year is a great time to make drastic changes in your life. It's an easily noted marker where you can start resolutions, break old habits, or just try to improve your day­-to­-day life. Some bloggers suggest adding a TV lift cabinet into the equation to improve the strength of their resolutions. For example, adding a TV lift into your exercise room can motivate you to spend more time on the treadmill or elliptical watching TV and getting the exercise you've promised.

Others have thrown out the idea that having a foot ­of ­the ­bed lift on a timer will motivate you to go to sleep on time. When the TV turns off and retracts, you know it's time to go to sleep! Sometimes that extra step will keep you from turning it back on when you know you should be sleeping. Installing a TV lift into your kitchen is also a good way to motivate you to spend more time cooking. This is a great way to save money and eat healthier, but is also a great way to relax. Having a lift will even keep the TV safe when you aren't using it, protecting it from kitchen hazards like splashing water or grease.

This year, TV Lift Cabinet has released two notable new cabinets: the Addison and the Seagate. The Addison is a modern ­styled cabinet with all of the standard features we pride ourselves on here at It uses horizontal slats to add shadow and depth to the front of the cabinet, creating a striking piece of furniture that also happens to function as a TV lift.

The Seagate has a more classic style, looking like a dresser or cabinet, but includes all of our 
standard features as well. Both of these cabinets would make a great addition to a den or living
room that need a style upgrade, or just to any room in your house that would benefit from having a concealed TV.

Weather you are adding space or convienence to your home, a TV Lift Cabinet will start your year off right!