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Dovetail Amish Craftsmanship
The Amish are known for a sentiment that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. We couldn’t agree more, and that’s why turned to Amish craftsmen in Ohio to create our beautiful cabinetry. One word comes to mind when our customers view their work: stunning.

We work with a small group of Amish craftsmen throughout Ohio’s heartland and are proud to say that

In recent years, woodworking has become a prime contributor to the Amish economy. Amish craftsmen are known for using old-world construction techniques, considerable attention to detail, eco-friendly finishes and running sustainable operations. Living in harmony with their environment is second nature for Amish families. They pass along their time-honored woodworking skills to the next generation, ensuring the quality that is Amish furniture will never diminish.
the majority of our cabinetry is made in the USA.

If you add an Amish TVLiftCabinet to your home, be sure to take care of it. We recommend that you occasionally wipe the surface clean with a damp towel. If you choose to use a polish or cleaner, stay away from ones that contain silicone or wax as it may build up on your finish.