Harbor - Antique White

“Have it your way.” isn’t just a popular tagline for a fast food company, it’s become a way of life for millions of people who want and expect the ability to customize every aspect of their home. According to Jeff Hallett, author of Megatrends, “the power has shifted from the producer to the consumer. Over the last 20 years, what’s been happening is that the consuming public has been getting smarter and smarter.”

And smart consumers demand more choice. Baby boomers, and the up-and-coming generations, are savvy, confident consumers who want what they want – especially when it comes to picking out home furnishings. Rob Buehl, CEO of TVLiftCabinets.com, says when he started his company, he wanted to make sure every customer could choose exactly what they want – every time.

“Size, style, finish – everything is customizable. Your vision. Your design. Whatever you want, our in-house designer will create exactly what you want,” says Buehl. “We’ll even send a color rendering of the product you’ve ordered approval before we start to build the cabinet.”
Homestead - Light Brown Oak

So, whether you prefer minimalism or Victorian, Mediterranean or rustic – or anything in between, you will always find the exact TVLiftCabinet you want to complement your décor´.