I was watching an episode of House Hunters a couple of weeks ago that featured homeowners seeking houseboats. Fascinating. I knew there were pockets of marinas around the country where people enjoyed living the dream on waterways without the hassles of yard work or nosy neighbors, but I never realized it had become such a phenomena around the country. You’d expect to see houseboat marinas in Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington, but now more and more people all over the United States seeking that experience. Whether you’re investing in a houseboat or customizing space in a yacht, one thing is certain: you need to maximize every inch of the living space. Multi-functional furnishings are the only way to go. It’s also important to create a space that reflects your personal style and taste. While some people go with trendier looks, most prefer a more neutral color palette that can be easily updated with accent pieces, like pillow and throws. One thing that is constant is a desire to stay connected to the mainland with top electronics and technology. Flat screen and smart televisions are equally important to the nautical crowd as they are in most modern homes. Small details matter, but hiding functional items is also important. crystal_pointe_360_swivel_4471swiv_1According to top designers, Murphy beds that recess into the wall during the day, televisions that live in TVLiftCabinets when not in use, and built-in ranges and cabinets are all on the rise. Rob Buehl, CEO of TVLiftCabinet, says that people are seeking more customized cabinets for houseboats and yachts. “One of the things they worry about is protecting electronics from the salty sea breezes,” said Buehl. “Keeping electronics protected when not in use can certainly help protect them, whether you’re on land or sea. One thing is certain, when space is at a premium, a beautiful TVLiftCabinet unit will give you peace-of-mind,  storage and space for all those other must-have personal belongings you’ll need to make your nautical space a home. ”