According to a 2014 study by the National Association of Realtors, 14% of all buyers are purchasing multi-generational homes. A 2014 Pew study estimates that more than 50 million people live in multi-generational homes. While cost savings (18%) and health/caretaking of aging parents (15%) are some of the reasons for the growth, the primary reason is children over 18 moving back into the house (38%). Another study looking at habits of Millennials (born between 1980 and 1984), found that 90% move out of their parents’ homes by age 27 – and 50% of those individuals move back to their parents’ homes. And everyone has an opinion of how they’d like to create their own personal spaces. Although every family has unique circumstances, there are a few things you can do to help make life a little easier for everyone.

Have one large gathering space

Providing a space where the entire family can get together is a good idea. Whether it’s a central living room or dining space, it should be large enough to include every family member so everyone feels welcomed.

huntington-fireplace-lift-rm-scene-open_1Optimize functionality to maximize the square footage

As your household grows, it will be critical to select furnishings that serve dual purposes to ensure you get the most impact from every square foot. One example might be to select a TVLiftCabinet to house your flat screen television, gaming components and other clutter. When the television is not in use, you have a beautiful cabinet that can become a focal point in the room. For those who want televisions in their bedrooms, TVLiftCabinets are also a great option for maximizing functionality in small spaces and providing additional storage space for personal belongings.

Be sure to accommodate every generation

Creating multiple common areas allows each generation to have their own space. This may be a study area outside a secondary bedroom for homework, or a bonus room with separate beverage stations where both young and old can connect without disturbing others in the household.