Last fall more than 200,000 flat screen television wall mounts were recalled by Costco because of a defect that could cause the TV to detach and fall, posing a risk of injury for consumers and pets. In 2010, 131,000 flat screen television wall mounts by Milestone AV Technologies were recalled because they could allow the televisions to fall off the wall. Imagine how you would feel if that television you waited for so long tumbled to the ground, shattering into a thousand pieces. But what happens if that bracket fails and the TV falls on a child? That worst-case scenario came true for a family in 2009 when a TV wall mount broke and the falling television killed a two-year old. If you choose to go with a wall mount bracket, it’s probably in your best interest to have a professional do the installation – either by the retailer or the manufacturer. You should also identify a location that isn’t above a child’s play area or pet bed when deciding where the television will be mounted. Or you could do what many people are doing and do away with wall mounts altogether. They’re turning to TVLiftCabinets that don’t require you to take a risk by hanging something on the wall. concord_6313_3Instead, the television is placed on a lift mechanism to safely rise when you’re ready to watch your favorite shows, and disappear into a beautiful, hand-crafted cabinet to protect it from little fingers. CEO Rob Buehl says that one of the primary reasons people turn to TVLiftCabinets is to make sure they protect their investment, and keep their family and pets safe. “It’s really a smart way to enjoy your flatscreen television and protect your family from harm.” Curious? Check out a TVLiftCabinet today. It’s the safe way to entertain in style.