A trend forecaster recently predicted that 2016 will be the anti-Facebook year of interior design. I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about, but I have to admit to being curious. Apparently many people are becoming so overwhelmed with over-sharing that they’ll be looking for places in their own homes to retreat and be comforted. The designer, Laura Greenwood, says they’re exploring ways of creating cocooning qualities, as well as products where people can have social solitude. Whether it turns out to be an anti-Facebook year or not in 2016, we already know that there are times when you want to be social – and times when you crave solitude. That’s why we created a product to give you everything you want, whatever your mood. TVLiftCabinets. [caption id="attachment_3727" align="alignright" width="180"]Banyan Creek TV Lift Cabinet Banyan Creek TV Lift Cabinet[/caption] Handcrafted by dedicated artisans, TVLiftCabinets are a stunning addition to your home, giving you the flexibility of disguising your entertainment system without compromising elegance. One of the most popular units is Banyan Creek. Like all units, the cabinet allows you to control your electronics without opening the solid wood doors – and has plenty of storage to keep all your audiovisual equipment out-of-site. Clean. Clutter-free. And ready for you to retreat in the comfort of your own home.