Gone are the days when if was okay for Dad to throw up some wood paneling, get some carpet scraps for the room and plug in the television set that no one else wanted, and call it a day. Today, many man caves are decorated as carefully as every other space in your home. Men (and their significant others) want good quality items and materials to add value to their home. No dark garages or basement rooms without windows will do. [caption id="attachment_3435" align="alignleft" width="300"]Moderna Espresso TV Lift Cabinet Moderna Espresso TV Lift Cabinet[/caption] If they’re like my guys, that space better have good lighting, a refrigerator, large flat screen television and comfortable chairs. The primary driver of the man cave in my home is making sure every person has views to the television screen because it’s all about football and basketball for the next few months. But I reserved one veto for the space – I don’t want a big, honking television on the wall as a focal point in the room. A great compromise is to add a beautiful TVLiftCabinet. All the cabinets are stunning – a great hand-crafted piece of furniture to add to my home. But, it also provides great storage and space for the large flat screen television and all the electronic stuff that the guys have for their video games. And when there’s no game, there’s no giant television on the wall to irk me. It’s a win/win for keeping peace in the family – and a man cave worthy of the name for those all-so-important guy get-togethers. Check them out. You’ll be glad you did.