We’re not making it up. House Beautiful listed the Glamily Room as a top trend for 2016. But what does that mean – and why should you care? [caption id="attachment_3438" align="alignleft" width="300"]axiom_5987_3 Axiom TV Lift Cabinet[/caption] Let’s face it, most families have messy kids, dogs that tramp in mud (or other crud) and all kinds of life’s little annoyances that drive most moms crazy. Yet – we all want to have a nice place to spend time with the family. You know, that picture-perfect place where the family magic happens (at least some times). For some, it’s as easy as turning to hardworking fabrics with unique silhouettes. For others, it means looking for hard-working furnishings that look great, but do double-duty as a highly-functional storage unit for all the clutter that comes with having a family in today’s electronic world. TVLiftCabinets are perfect for a glamming up a family room because they’re gorgeous, lots of handcrafted features that instantly add value to the room. There are many styles to complement any home style – even an option to customize a unit for the perfect match. And when it’s time to declutter the space, simply use the built-in storage to safely hide all the gadgets that come with today’s living. Whether you’re planning to give your family room a little glam this year or not, take a look at TVLiftCabinets for the perfect fit, every time.