I checked my Facebook feed this morning and everyone is sending best wishes for a beautiful fall. Ironically, the ads on Facebook are starting to look a lot like Christmas, and the 2016 holiday extravaganzas to come. So much for fall. But – the realities of the family gatherings to come in the next few months is hitting home, so I started looking around my home to see if there are things I need to do to get ready for guests. The first place I check every year is my family room. Is it ready for prime time? After all, I consider our family room the heart of my home. The comfort zone. I found a great checklist to help me get it ready for guests: The Organized Home. Here are a few quick tips that really helped me get organized.
  • Take everything down off the walls, take down curtains etc. Wash, vacuum or dry clean as needed.
  • Sweep ceiling corners and other nooks in the room - tops of doorways, windows, arches, bookcases, etc.
  • Wash inside of windows and sills. Polish and touch-up stain on wood
  • Take cushions off furniture, vacuum thoroughly. Vacuum cushions, checking for wear and turning as needed. Spot treat any stains or shampoo furniture as needed.
  • Wooden furniture and anything with drawers: Empty, sort, and throw away what you don't really need. Put the rest where it really belongs. Dust/Polish thetvl-banner piece you're finished with, repeat as necessary. Do shelves the same way.
  • If you don’t have enough storage space to hide the clutter of everyday life, consider adding furnishings that add both style and function. TVLiftCabinets are perfect additions to your family room because they hide all the electronic paraphernalia that accompanies the entertainment center of my home, but they also hide the television when you’re trying to visit with your family and friends.
  • Clean the TV screen. Dig out and sort all the accumulated electronic equipment--games, tapes, camera parts, wires, connectors, etc. Put everything where it belongs and get rid of the rest.
  • Vacuum the entire room. Use a whisk broom to get into those hard to reach areas and around the baseboards if your vacuum doesn't clean close enough. Yes, get help and move the furniture. There may be a wealth of lost treasures hiding under the sofa right now!
These are just a few of the tips to help you get your family room ready for the 2016 holidays, and still give you time to enjoy Indian summer.