Spring is in the air. Trees and flowers are budding. And it’s time to shake out the dust and open some windows. Each year, I vow to clear away the clutter and every spring I’m reminded that I have a long way to go. This is definitely my year to declutter, once and for all. A place for everything – and everything in its place. If you don’t have a space for something, you may not need it. Life is so much simpler when you know exactly where to find something. Sometimes you need small spaces – to keep things from getting jumbled. Sometimes you need to think big – like getting a cabinet with lots of storage to keep things organized. I really like the TVLiftCabinet because it keeps all the stuff that used to surround our television areas clean – all the time. When we want a movie or video game, we just pull out what we need and replace it when we’re done. When we want the television to disappear. Bam! One click and it’s gone. Kinda wish I had that one click wonder for other areas of my home. Love it or lose it!  Going along with the previous tip, sometimes you just gotta let things go. Cleaning guru, Marie Kondo, says, “The very personal stuff in our homes is the hardest to lose but unless it ‘sparks joy in your heart, you should get rid of it.” She’s got some great tips that have helped me clear out containers that have been gathering dust for far too many years. I’m also telling my children who now have homes of their own that we are not a storage locker for all the stuff their significant others don’t want in their home. Say good-bye to multiples. How many throw pillows do you really need? I took a hard look in my living room and there were eight throw pillows (for three pieces of furniture), four afghans (which never get used because we usually sit in the den) and candles everywhere. All gathering dust. Some were thoughtful gifts; others just things that sparked my eye for some reason or another, but reality suddenly hit me. Why? Along the lines of love it, or lose it, it’s time to part with multiples that just don’t make sense (probably never did). I feel decluttered already. And you can do it too!