You’ve heard about all kinds of new places to call home. For those people who love the water, houseboats are gaining traction. Houseboat villages are popping up all over the world. As climate change continues to wreck havoc on beachfronts, houseboats are becoming a solid option to live a life on the water without worries about waterfront erosion. Houseboat owners are especially savvy when it comes to maximizing room in their living space. Much like RV-living, these smartly-designed homes make it possible to move freely in limited space. Here are a variety of interior design and decorating tips to help houseboat owners maximize the use of each inch on the boat. Add mirrors to add depth (and technology) to your room Adding multiple mirrors to your houseboat can enhance the feeling of depth throughout a room. Even better, consider adding a TVMirror to the mix. You’ll have a beautiful mirror that doesn’t take up any floor space and turns into a smart television with just one click. Invest in folding furniture When some people think of furniture that folds, their minds go to plastic patio chairs and rickety TV trays. Many designers now offer high-end furnishings that let you add and remove living items on demand when you need them, and hide them when you don’t. Look for things that add storage There are many ingenious ways to add hidden storage throughout your home. Benches, ottomans and window seats are just a few places to clear the clutter from view. If you decide you want a full-size flatscreen, TVLiftCabinet also offers beautiful units that also provide great storage for all the electronic clutter that comes from today’s modern viewing and entertainment. Make things mobile – put ‘em on a cart For many people, the joy of living on a houseboat is both the indoor and outdoor living. Consider placing items on a kitchen cart that will likely travel between spaces. Your cart can become a portable bar, complete with all the things you need to serve your guests. It can also become a resource for sunbathing, complete with sunscreen, books, music, etc. Use your imagination to make your life just a little easier. These are just a few tips to help you get the most from your houseboat lifestyle. Cheers!