Football Last year, 264 million people tuned in to watch football games each week.  In 2017, more than 111 million people tuned in to watch the biggest game of the year. The numbers are staggering – as are the ways that people around the country celebrate their teams each and every week. Friends and family gather to cheer on their team, jeer about rivals and convene around good food (and the television) in what has become a tradition to pass on to future generations.   Here’s another tradition – find a way for as many people to see the television as possible this year. Consider a TVLiftCabinet with a 360-degree swivel for maximum flexibility in finding just the right way to display the big game. The most popular unit is the Crystal Pointe 360 Swivel . [caption id="attachment_3898" align="alignright" width="300"] Crystal Pointe 360 Swivel[/caption] This cabinet is finished on all four sides. It has a unique design means that all the component drawers can be reversed so they open from the front or back – whichever you choose. You can place it against a wall, as a room divider or even at the foot of a bed (when football season is done). The 360-degree electric swivel means you control the experience for your guests. Curious? Check out for more ideas on making each game day the best it can be.