The family room is one of the hardest rooms in your home to keep neat. The space gets used a lot – and doesn’t usually offer much storage. Some of these spaces have bookcases and a small television console, but let’s face it, there’s not much space for hiding clutter. This January, it might be a good time to tackle the problem permanently. To do this you need to: 1. Decide what items are absolutely necessary in the space and find a permanent home for each item. 2. Purge those items that aren’t necessary. 3. Assess whether you need to invest in furnishings to keep the space neat and tidy. The best place to start is to empty your bookcases and television console. Place your items on a temporary table (e.g. card table). Sometimes it’s tempting to just move clutter around, which just transfers clutter around the home and doesn’t deal with the actual substance. Don’t forget the electronics, remotes, gaming systems items, etc. Get three empty storage bins and label them: Keep. Donate. Toss. farmhouse tv lift cabinet Then, separate the items into the respective bins. When you’re completely done with the purge, look at the items in the Keep bin. Then, look at your available storage space and see if you have ample space for your must-have items. If there’s not enough space, you might to consider investing in a TVLiftCabinet for the space. Each unit beautifully displays your flatscreen television when you want to watch a program, but more importantly, it has wonderful storage space for everything you need in this part of your home. And when you’re done watching television, the television disappears, leaving you with an uncluttered cabinet with everything you need and nothing you don’t want laying all over your room. This decluttering method will work well in every room in your home. This is one resolution that will be easy to keep – and will continue to improve your quality of life for the rest of the year. Have fun.