The small house movement started roughly a decade ago, but there have always been people who dreamed of living in a small cabin in the woods. It may have started when we read, “The Boxcar Children” in elementary school. Who knows? One thing we do know is that as people begin to re-evaluate their lifestyles, get closer to retirement, and seek peace, the idea of finding a quiet cabin in nature sounds more appealing every day. For the lucky people who decide to make that move, it requires them to pare down their belongings to the basics and come up with innovative solutions to make the most of every inch. Many companies are coming up with creative ways to get dual uses (or more) out of furnishings to help make the transition easier. Multifunctional furniture is now a category that’s getting plenty of attention from a generation who expect smart solutions, whether they’re seeking that comfy cabin or a stylish urban loft. Most Baby Boomers probably have (or got rid of) that heavy couch that had an uncomfortable bed inside. I know I did – heaviest piece of furniture we couldn’t wait to get rid of. But today’s options are amazing. Stylish convertible chair beds are all the rage for small spaces. And what about a coffee table that is also an arm chair and side table? Or a wardrobe hidden behind a full-length mirror? It’s amazing what a little innovation can do to change your perspective. Those magic mirrors can also be smart televisions. TVMirrors make it possible for flatscreen televisions to be hidden when not in use as beautiful focal points on a wall. And then they become fully functioning smart televisions with just a click. Whether you’re seeking a cabin in the woods, or just re-thinking your lifestyle, be sure to check out these and other multifunctional furniture to help you start down the right path.