There are a few handy craftsmen and women who have the time and capabilities to build their own TV cabinets.  Nick Ferry built an amazing TV Cabinet with a TV Lift Mechanism from If you want to build a wall-hung TV cabinet, you might want to check out this YouTube video from This Old House. It’s got some great tips to consider. You can also find plans for different types of cabinets with a simple Google search.

If you prefer a cabinet that sits on the floor, here are some easy steps to consider from Once you have made the decision to build a TV cabinet, the first things you need are:

  • Dimensions of the TV
  • Dimensions that you want for the TV cabinet
  • How much wood you are going to need

Then go to for 11 easy steps to make your very own cabinet or check out Nick's video for inspiration.

If that seems too complicated, simply custom order exactly what you want at TV Lift Cabinet and let them do all the work.