TV Cabinets that are finished on all four sides provide you with the ultimate décor options for any space in your home. Whether you have a small, cozy bedroom and want a television at the foot of your bed, or an open living space, where you need the illusion of room dividers, four-sided cabinets might be just the ticket for your home.

TV Lift Cabinet has some wonderful options for you to consider if you’re looking for a beautiful addition to your home that will provide you with the ultimate entertainment space, no matter how large or small a space might be.

The Adagio model is one of our most popular cabinets. Fashioned from solid hardwood in the USA and finished in your choice of three beautiful finishes with hand-applied stains and paints, this cabinet is both durable enough in construction to stand the test of time, and elegant enough in design to remain for many years.

Another four-sided cabinet is Azura, which also features a 360-degree swivel (no matter where you are in a space, you can always adjust your television for just the right view every time. Azura takes a versatile approach to TV storage. It has a clean design that shows off the distinctive beauty of American hard maple. You have many different finishes to choose from with Azura. Plus you have plenty of storage for all the gadgets that go along with today’s entertainment systems.

If you’re seeking a tech-savvy cabinet for your home, consider a Carousel unit. With a rich-grained maple hardwood adding natural feature and flair to your piece, Carousel will blow your neighbors away. Carousel’s sleek design has framed panels that add a touch of elegance and class and will look stunning with any wainscoting design in your home. And, hidden castors mean you can swivel in any direction while the four-sides framing mean that this cabinet can be placed anywhere in the room.

Still looking for more options in a cabinet that is finished on all four sides? TV Lift Cabinet has many more design options and finishes for you to consider. The possibilities are endless.